Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Valentine Story (Trying not to think about chocolate)

(Update 4/15: This project was massively updated in the next blog post here. )

For a relatively fast fabric Valentine, do something with felt and free-motion quilting. If you use three or so layers, it will be stiff enough to serve as a wall hanging. I used red, black and yellow acrylic felt and/or flannel, and moderate heat with paper-backed fusible web, to fuse layers together.

The result, to my surprise, turned into a Freudian and/or perhaps Nilssonesque fable.

Once upon a time there was a lonely arrow who loved somebody but didn't know who. (The arrow was made up of a top layer of red flannel, machine appliqued and quilted [for the rear feathers] onto a piece of black felt. The words were hand-embroidered with big stitches, and then another layer of black felt was fused and stitched to the back for stability and to cover the embroidery back.)

Meanwhile, not too far away, there was a lonely heart (made of 3 fused layers, stipple quilted). In its heart of hearts, it felt empty. It would often ask itself: What's a buttonhole without a button? 

They met (maybe on, FeltMingle, FHarmony, FDate, or all of the above), and fell in love. 

Together, they hit the target. 
(The important 'Love of Buttons' target.)

The End? Not necessarily. The various components can be rearranged to tell slightly different tales:
Like the story of the heart that walked around with a target on its shirt. 

I haven't yet decided on the ending. (Thus the dangling black thread.) Alternative arrangements and fables welcomed. 

Wishing you lots of stitched love, and more than enough buttons for every buttonhole. 
(Update: Find out how this story, and project, ends, here.) 

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