Thursday, October 17, 2013

Going Bananas, Crocheting Again

The past few weeks, I've been too stressed out to quilt. To tell you the truth, I've been going

...bananas. Life and Time are not only giving me age spots, but also...
(Medusa pattern is from the book 'Creepy Cute Crochet' by Christen Hayden)
...a black eye. When the government office unexpectedly closes (or reopens); when dear friends depart; when nuthin', as James Taylor sang, nuthin' is goin' right, it's time to locate the crochet hook, sit down on the couch, and knot the nearest fiber. If you have no yarn, but there is an empty shopping bag and a pair of scissors on your coffee table, perfect. Cut strips of plarn and make something simple:
Quick, tiny basket made from white and pink plastic shopping bags plus blue nylon hardware cord.  This is about 3" tall. 
If you happen to have a beautiful variegated yarn and a mother-of-pearl button lying around, even better...
Easy wrist cuff made with Versa yarn by Berroco. if you sew up the sides, it's an electronics case.
This type of therapy works winter, spring, summer, or in the present case, fall:
Worked as a plain sphere, then wrapped to create the ridges. Inspired by
Back loop only single crochet, alternating with regular sc, creates the ridges in this pumpkin worked as a rectangle, then base and top drawn in. This approach was inspired by Planet June's donation-ware pattern, well worth the small donation you're encouraged to make if you use it. 
Yes, it's a floppy improvisational menorah, crocheted from self-striping sock yarn. Candles were made on a spool knitter. They're not removable or lightable, alas. Start crocheting now: Hanukah this year coincides with Thanksgiving. 
 Or something elaborate,
I learned to make the crocodile stitch from It's very challenging. I'm not sure what to do with this piece I've made, which is about 20" long.  (I'm almost out of the yarn, Lang Yarn's Tosca. which is out of production. If anyone has some extra skeins they'd be willing to sell, please email me!)

Or, best of all, something that will make you laugh.
(Felt face stitched on by my DD. If at all possible, find a collaborator and you'll both be surprised). 

If you want to see more of my recent crochet therapy, go to

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