Sunday, March 30, 2014

Multi-Purpose Denim Wall Pocket

I love working with vintage denim - the serene, worn indigo-and-whites. Add vintage mother-of-pearl buttons, and some metal, including the jeans' original rivets, and the experience is bliss. (My best denim quilt so far is here.) 

My theory of gifts, if not life, is that things should serve multiple purpose. That's because I know that most people wouldn't wear what I wear and vice versa. But if a gift can serve multiple purposes, your giftee is more likely to enjoy it. 

So here's a wallhanging that I showed earlier, along with a bunch of other denim valentines. 
It can be hung from a wall via its loop, (which as you can see is the original buttonhole from a jeans waistband.)

The front can be unpinned and worn as a brooch: 
because it has a pin backing. 
When you remove the brooch, you find a button underneath. 
Folding the hanging loop forward, you can seal the tiny front key pocket:
Now it's a good place to hold something small, like earbuds.

There's also a secret pocket between the two layers of the backing denim. And there's another button on the back. 
Seal that back pocket by bending the pocket loop to the back: 

 The embellished heart pin is about 3" high. The entire wallhanging is almost 7" high.

I haven't given it away yet.  It hangs from a pencil holder on my desk, and I keep a small scissors in the pocket: 

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