Sunday, June 7, 2015

Need Coffee & Batik Scraps

For the last two weeks (1, 2) I've been showing quilts inspired by my coffee obsession. Here's a third one. It's made entirely of batik scraps.
There's an imaginary pipeline that leads from green coffee beans, horizontal across the top, brown beans, vertically running down. 
The lettering reads "Need Coffee." The cups (complete with eyes, to ward away the evil eye/bad coffee), beans, and letters are cut freehand. They're raw-edge appliquéd. 

For the bottom, I created a graduated strip set, Perhaps it represents foamed milk floating on coffee? (Or self-layering Jello?)
Embellished it with coffee-and-cream shaded buttons. (Milk molecules?)
Want to make your own version but need directions? Find them in Quilts for Coffee Lovers, here. For more adventures with batik scraps, start here.

P.S. I shared this link at Nina Marie Sayre's gorgeous art quilt blog. Her off-the-wall Friday project is a great way to share the week's creativity.

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