Sunday, January 31, 2016

It's a Wallhanging! It's a Dish! It's Color Therapy!

I made quite a few of these jewel box wallhangings last year. Composing and stitching the little squares is pure, joyous, non-toxic color therapy.
Each square takes on a personality of its own.
But I have to say I was getting bored of making them into wallhangings. How about doing something different? How about making them like Transformers, so that they CAN be wallhangings, but they can also be, say, DISHES! That, to me, is profoundly exciting. (My life is trés dull).  So on my most recent hostess gift, I stitched pairs of snaps on either side. 
Snap shut one pair, and you get an assymetrical dish: 
Snap both pairs shut, and you wind up with this partially symmetrical dish: 
Or, your giftee can leave it flat as a trivet/table runner, or hang it on the wall flat, or, come to think of it, hang it partially or fully snapped! 
Don't forget a hanging sleeve on the back, behind an non-snapped edge. 
Interested in making jewel box therapy? Here are three posts to how incredibly therapeutic these are to make:  (123

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