Sunday, October 30, 2016

Necktie Creations II: Don't Use Awful Ties!

To my delight, last week's blog post, about my 68-necktie quilt that made it to the Pacific International Quilt Festival, inspired two more artists to blog about their necktie creations! 

The irrepressible Maggie Winfield, who is a spectacular fiber artist and a walking work of art, showed off the outfits she made incorporating ties, including this necklace,
And this outfit: 
Her post also explains her brilliant technique for removing the linings, without losing the ties' shapes. For details and more pictures, see her Funky Diva blog post here

Fiber artist Norma Schlager, another inspiring blogger and fiber artist, was moved to write up a post about her necktie creations, here. There are two stunning quilts; a lovely scarf; and a vest with a layout similiar to one I made around the same time (We were both probably inspired by a vest in the book Daddy's Ties, by Shirley Botsford). 

Here's the vest I made - it's been in my closet for 2+ decades, and this is the first time I've shown it to anyone. You are about to see why. (Maybe I can cut it up into potholders?)
In my defense, the photo makes the background look beige but it's really a pale celery. Even my florid hedge can't make it look good. Here's the back.
Wow, that is really bad. It took me so many years to learn a simple lesson: Awful fabrics usually make awful things. Maybe I could wear it when handing out Halloween candy tomorrow? Along with a witch's hat? 

I used leftover strips to make four log cabin blocks, which I quilted and folded into along zippered  purse, with beading around the rim. The purse is better than the vest, and I have actually carried this purse in public, believe it or not.  
I also made a small statement wallhanging. The statement is: How wonderful it is not to have to wear neckties to work! The cursive quilting around the edges is a take on the old song "American Woman." It reads, "American Necktie, Stay Away From Me; American Necktie, Please let me be."  
In my own defense, I made all those three pieces in the mid-90s, when I was a new quilter. For more recent and tasteful necktie creations past, check out this blog post, which includes the medallion and amulet purse below.

Gee,working with wonderful prints really makes a big difference. Neckties are also great for making Artist Trading Cards

What have you made from neckties? 


  1. Thanks for including me in your blog post. Yes, it sure looks like the same pattern. I actually wore mine quite a bit and most people did not think it was made from ties.
    I love your other blog post about ties. too. You really are so creative. And funny!

    1. Thanks, Norma, for letting me include you and your work! I want to make one of those scarves immediately!

    2. They are super easy to do. I think they look best if you have all color coordinating ties. A friend of mine whose husband recently died was making them for her daughters in shade of navy and burgundy. Very attractive.


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