Sunday, February 18, 2018

Buttons, Not Bullets

Artist Trading Cards.

All made in 2013, soon after the Sandy Hook shootings.

Art wasn't enough. Nothing has worked. But I have high hopes for the millenials. We must follow them to the streets...and the voting booths.

(Incidentally, artists can obtain spent bullet casings as easily as Florida teens obtain assault weapons. I bought the bullet casings on Etsy, and plenty are still there, in case you need to make your own mass murder-themed art. If nothing else, you'll feel better.)

(Posts explaining Artist Trading Cards, aka ATCs, are abundant on this blog. Click on the term in the word cloud in the right-hand column. Maybe a group ATC-making session, with or without real bullet casings, would be emotionally healing.)


  1. Your cards are terrific. I am so impressed by the outrage and anger of the young survivors in Florida and the way that they are speaking out. I hope their march on Washington does some good.
    I live very close to Sandy Hook. I marched on Hartford, but it didn't change anything.

    1. Sigh, Norma. It's going to take a superhuman effort by millions of individuals to counter the power of the gun lobby.

  2. Connecticut did change their laws and now have some of the most restricted in the country. We need to keep pushing state by state. Join Moms Demand Action to find out the latest news and how to advocate for more gun control and a safer country.