Monday, August 12, 2019

Scrappy Kitchen Art, Part 3: A Pear Pyramid

For the last couple of weeks, I've been showing off easy triangle-based potholders culinary art. In Part 1, there's a tutorial for strawberry-themed pieces.  In Part 2, I expanded to apples. And the other night - Eureka! - it occurred to me that pears are upside down strawberries! It didn't take long to drag out my yellow print scraps and create this pair of pears! (The hanging loop is rick-rack.)

See how they're an upside-down strawberry shape? 

 Instead of sticking with yellows, I added  bits of gold, orange and pink.
After making these tops on Sunday, my DH and I went on our weekly supermarket run. Of course, I went over to the pear department - and all I saw there were green pears! So I went home and made this:

Now that I have three of them,  I can create a pear pyramid! 
That would be a cute wallhanging, no? The triangles are approximately 4" on a side, 3.75 high,  cut with my handy equilateral triangle ruler. Again, a tutorial is in the first blog post of this series. 

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