Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Going Around with Modern Improv Paper-Pieced Log Cabin Triangle Quilts

Here are the projects that have consumed me in recent weeks.  The first started out as this pyramid of 11 hexagon-shaped formations that I call kaleidoscopes: 

I finished it just like that, with the pyramid shape and a dark grey binding. I hoped it was done, right up to the moment that it occurred to me that if I turned the thing upside down, and added another kaleidoscopic formation to the bottom..... would become an exclamation point! 
I love punctuation, so I stitched that "dot" to the bottom. The dot has quilted 60 degree triangles popping out from the edges. I enjoyed looking at this formation for a while, until I turned the whole thing upside-down again....
...and it became a snowflake on a mountain top!? Or the eye on the pyramid, on the US dollar bill? One person saw a Christmas tree; someone else saw a resting diamond with a gleam on top! What do you see? 

Whatever, it's much easier to make this than it looks, and it's one of the three projects in my brand new 34-page e-book, "Improv Paper Pieced Log Cabin Triangle Quilts", which went live in my etsy shop yesterday after months of toiling over a hot computer. The triangles in these projects were mostly improv pieced onto scrap paper; a few of the more complicated ones are foundation paper pieced from the back. Because of the spontaneity, if you try this approach, your quilt will be completely different from mine, but you will be just as astonished as I was!

Here are closeups of the 11 "kaleidoscopes" in this quilt. Each is made up of 24 improv pieced equilateral triangles. You can see that some identical triangles went into different formations. These blocks measure about 13" across; If I'd finished each separately, they would have made good wallhangings/table mats. (The book includes directions for a variety of finishes). 

Aren't these fun? In this last one, the black-and-white squares aren't pieced - they're cut from a striped fabric. More photos of this and related projects are coming, but meanwhile, you can see more images in my Etsy listing, here


  1. I was always drawn to your funky blog. Now, you are amazing...look at your wonderful art and your blog oh my xo

    1. O'Q, I so appreciate your support over the years. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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