Friday, September 21, 2012

Political Campaign Wear

My friend Marian and I have been very busy for the last month. We're making election bags! We've made about two dozen so far, and have raised over $600 for our preferred candidate. All proceeds are being donated to the campaign. And they're such fun to make!

It especially helps if you have a friend like Marian, a school psychologist by day, talented artist at all times. She created our stencils.

For the following bag, Marian stencilled a Presidential bust onto a sturdy khaki remnant. She painted the stencil in a a gradation, from blue to red.

[Image removed].

I stitched on the blue denim sides and bottom. 

For the strap, I upcycled a leather belt. On the buckle side, I stitched securely through a button . I removed the belt's prong (using pliers), to avoid accidental impalement. (which might defeat the purpose of the bag;  we want people sufficiently intact to vote). 

On the other side, I placed buttons on top of two of the preexisting holes, and stitched through those. 

At first, the front looked like this. The button's a lovely vintage leather, but overall this side cried out for more.  

So I used an elaborate brocade fabric (from an upholstery sample book.) The triangular flap is more blue denim, and the buttons are vintage  -  a large leather button on the top flap, a small khaki plastic button on the small flap.

I finished the interior edges with a zig-zag stitching over the raw edges. (Alas, I don't own a serger.)

Unlined, easy, fun - and best of all, I am happy to say, it went to a very appreciative person! Feel free to borrow these ideas to support YOUR favorite candidate(s)!

If you want to see more of  the election-wear we've created -- tees as well as totes -- go to Email me (at cathy[dot]perlmutter[at]gmail[dot]com if you want to order something.

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