Monday, September 10, 2012

Yet another Reason to Drive Quickly to the Fabric Store

Never thought of this: Pimp your ride!  Use your favorite fabric to redo your car's interior!

I'm thinking about a Kaffe Fassett car interior....A cosmic interior... robots...sewing...argh! Too many choices! (And no financial affiliation with any of these fabric vendors).

And what, you may ask, about covering a car's exterior with great fabric or quilts? It's been done - repeatedly! Delightful roundup on Kay Sorensen's site.

Outdoing all of these examples in sheer quantity of automotive embellishment, there's Dalton Stevens, the button king. His embellished vehicle has to be seen to be believed....

(Thanks to Craft, for tipping me off to the car interior).


  1. Thank you for that link. I love buttons. And that "Final Lap"....what a hoot.

    1. It being a hearse makes it that much weirder! Thanks, Cheryl.


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