Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Forget the Fighting: Focus on the Fabric!

Photo by Paul Berger. This photograph originally appeared in the Forward, issue of October 26, 2012 to accompany Bukharian Rabbi Fights To Keep Post. Reproduced with permission. Link to the original photo here: http://forward.com/articles/164557/bukharian-rabbi-fights-to-keep-post/?p=1
 I subscribe to the Jewish Daily Forward email newsletter, which alas, doles out a huge platter of procrastination fodder, in the form of fascinating articles about Members of the Tribe and their far-flung activities. 

Yesterday's edition linked to an article about a Bukharian rabbi involved in a leadership battle. When I clicked on the link, the photograph above appeared, which knocked me to my knees. (See it full size in its original setting here: http://forward.com/articles/164557/bukharian-rabbi-fights-to-keep-post/?p=1)

Paul Berger's article examines all sides of the controversy, but I was far more interested in the picture. Those textiles blow me away! I've never seen such elaborate Sukkoth textiles. (Sukkoth is a harvest holiday during which Jews build and eat in outdoor shelters. The walls are often made or adorned with  decorated fabric panels). This fellow's sukkah (the actual shelter) appears to be made from museum quality textiles! Not to mention that royal blazer he's wearing!

Does anyone know anything about these incredible sukkoth panels? I'd love to see more. Have you MADE sukkoth panels? I'd love to see them, too!

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