Sunday, July 27, 2014

Almost Vegan Quilted Gifts

In our last installment, I was heading for a summer reunion AND needed a creative jolt, so I made some coffee-themed potholders to give as gifts.

Since I do have friends whose lives, enigmatically, don't revolve around caffeine opportunities, I also made a couple of fruit-vegetable-and-egg-themed potholders. Why eggs? They're elongated polka dots, and polka dots make everything better! The only downside to adding the eggs is, of course, that you can't give these to vegans. Here's # 1:
 And # 2.
I know. It's a little wonky. I'm not sure what happened over on the left. What can I say, I was working fast.
The back:
The egg fabric has been in my stash for a while, but all of the luscious fruit and vegetable fabrics are from the Farmer's Market collection by Fabri-Quilt. Previously, I made a large quilt from these fabrics, which you can see here. Click on the "Farmer's Market Fabric" in the word cloud to the right to see many more. There's a quilt and free potholder pattern on my pattern page that uses fabric like this (scroll down on this page). 

You don't need a pattern for today's potholders, because it's stunningly obvious, right? Cut nine 3"squares, plus a border of however wide you need to show off the eggs!  

I put a double layer of Warm'n'Natural inside my potholders, but one of these days I'm going to buy Insul-brite, which presumably protects hands better. 


  1. Cute potholders. I like making them if I need that quick fix of a completed project and they make great gifts. I use 2 layers of request weight Dream Cotton with Insulbrite sandwiched in between. I bind them just because I like the look.

    1. Thanks, Paule Marie, for the insights. I am going to get some Insul-brite. And binding would definitely give them a more professional look - I do it this way mainly because I'm in a rush! The inside-out thing does make them more likely to be a bit wonkier, though!


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