Monday, September 28, 2015

Making Many Meaningful Moons

Did you see the blood moon last night? We couldn't see it from our house, but I caught up with this fabulous blog post with images from around the world. They cry out to be turned into quilts! (Write to the photographers for permission first, of course!)

It reminded of a wallhanging I made last year, which unwittingly prophesized the event:
I called this scrap project "Night Meeting," because of the two creatures at the bottom.
 Now I'm thinking of renaming it, Blood Moon! The orange moon was cut from a deliciously streaky orange-and-red batik fabric.
I used the same idea years before, for this matzoh cover. The four corner moons were cut from streaky batiks - purple, magenta, lavender, and orange - plus the central one, of course, from trompe l'oeil matzoh fabric (no financial affiliation).
Stamping is another way to make moody moons. These were stamped with fun foam, the thin foam that kids play with, cut into circles. By not refreshing the fabric paint with each consecutive stamping, you get an interesting gradation among the images. 
Thread painting is another way to go. Stitch heavily with metallic and holographic threads over an appliqued circle. (Pretend this is an orange moon instead of a blue/green batik sun. Close enough).

I am a huge fan of superstar quilter Carol Taylor, who has made both moon and eclipse-themed quilts, shown off on this page. Check out especially the quilt titled "Moonshadows" and "Eclipse #2."

Have you made meaningful moons?


  1. I was so excited that I witnessed this. I usually miss these events!

  2. You are so clever. I could see the blood moon, at least part of the time.

  3. You had me worried when you wrote you were showing moons. Thank goodness it was the planet kind. Really nice. I love the orange moon. I didn't catch the eclipse but I saw the "supermoon" and realized why I was feeling like jumping out of my skin.

    1. OMG Marla, I didn't even think of the mooning potential!!! Thank heavens!!!