Sunday, May 15, 2016

Hot Cross Wallhangings (or Potholders)

I had some leftover cross blocks from the quilt I showed you last week, and the week before, so I made some potholders/wall art! Here's number one:
And here's #2: 
 How easy are these to make? Sew easy! 
1. Construct a cross block, using any technique you like - my step-by-step procedure was toward the bottom of this tutorial two weeks ago.
2. Place it on batting (I use Warm'n'Natural) and cut the batting slightly bigger than the top. 

3. Cover the bottom with scrap fabric. I used white muslin. This layer not only creates a bit of extra insulation (if someone uses this as a potholder), but I also believe that it protects my feed dogs from being pounded with batting fibers during machine quilting. 

Next, I did something unusual -  I quilted through the top, batting, and scrap fabric back layer, and THEN added the backing cut from jeans, so I could have a usable pocket with no quilting stitches sealing it shut on the back. You'll see what I mean in a minute. 

Here: Cutting the scrap fabric backing to a tiny bit bigger than the upper two upper layers.
 The muslin backing. This won't show in the end.
4. Quilt the three layers as desired.
 The back. Say goodbye to it, alas.
5. Next, find a piece of denim - ideally with a pocket - that's large enough to cover the back. You may have to piece it. I wound adding two scraps to make the pocketed section completely cover the back. Try to keep that pocket as far away from edges as possible.

6. Stack the layers with the backing face-down on the table, and quilted top up, as shown. Pin or baste in position if desired.
 Optional: Straight stitch all the way around the outer edge, just a hair or two inside the cut edge.
 Trim excess:
 All trimmed!
 Back is good to go.
7. Bind! I suggest you NOT use denim double-fold binding. In my Blue Cross quilt, as explained last week, I learned that doubled denim is a pain to sew and way too thick to serve as binding. Your life will be more pleasant if you use cotton quilting fabric. Here I used a plaid homespun. 
 Easy! Rural! Cool! Now all you need is a yard sale/thrift shop to stock up on denim jeans!


  1. Love your blue cross quilt. And now this! I have an affinity for crosses. (and circles and squares and triangles, well, you know.)

    1. Thank you, QuiltSwissy! I always hated math class except I loved geometry and geometric forms! Appreciate your comment!