Sunday, October 5, 2014

Unhinged by Pumpkins, from Fabric Scraps or Crochet

They're orange! They've got delicious roastable seeds! Their guts smell like my childhood! Did I mention that they're orange? 

Let's name it: Pumpkin Madness.

Halloween is upon us, and has been since August, according to my supermarket, but these fabric pumpkins are so easy and quick to make that you can wait another 26 1/2 days to start. 
Look familiar? I posted how-to's last year, in this post.
26 1/2 days is also more than enough time to learn how to crochet and then make these:
Of course, the crocheted kind don't smell as good as real pumpkin guts, but any day now I predict someone will market prettified 'pumpkin-spice' scented yarn. (Kill me then, or send royalties.)  

The crocheted spider has a pin attached to its underside, so you can unpin it from the pumpkin, and wear it on yourself.

You saw the next one before.  Since then, I've added black vintage buttons.
This one started as a spiral at the bottom:
Right side up:
The next one is tiny; the base is 2" high, with a removable 2" high lid.
Virtually all of these pumpkins are single crochet (worked in spirals), but for the next one, I did alternating 'around the post' double crochets for the central portion (the first and last couple of rounds are regular scs and dcs). For the middle rows, I alternated front post double crochet with back post dc, which gives it a bumpy, gourd-like texture (How I love bumpy pumpkins and their corresponding quilts). My local teen cut the face from felt, and hot-glued it in place.
 She also made a yarn hinge, so the cap doesn't lose the pumpkin, or vice versa.
Unhinged tops and bottoms can be mixed and matched. 
Vintage black buttons make everything better. These little baskets/amigurumi are fast enough to make as gifts, and large enough to hold a handful or two of candy. Or a small kale leaf.  

Sorry I don't have a pattern for these. I got the main concept for the yarn-wrapped ones here; and for the ridged one from Planet June's donation-ware pattern. The rest are just spheres - easy, fun, and fast gifts! 

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