Play Along: Stitch a Polyhedron!

Come play along with me! After two years of joyful play, my book about stitching polyhedra is available in paperback from Amazon, or in PDF version for instant download from Etsy
Why a polyhedron? They're a ridiculous amount of fun, or I wouldn't be making them. Using English Paper Piecing techniques, construct them easily and accurately, whether you prefer to stitch by machine or by hand. These projects are scrap-, stash-, and precut-friendly, because they're built from small pieces. And the creative potential is limitless. Turn a polyhedron - or partial polyhedron into: 
  •   Toys - Stuffed balls for babies and young children, like this dodecahedron: 
...and this stellated dodecahedron, made from precut 2.5" strips: 

How about paperweights for adults? This one's made from neckties and mother-of-pearl buttons: 

  •  Decor - Bowls, baskets, ornaments, pillows, pincushions. Here's another stellated dodecahedron, from dupioni silk scraps: 

And a desktop geode, embellished with beads. 
Turned inside out, with a caribiner or bangle bracelet, it becomes a  party purse:
And speaking of handbags, polyhedra can also turn into:
  • Accessories - Cases, brooches and  barrettes. This next one is a zippered icosahedron case. 

And here's a soccer-ball based brooch (a portion of a truncated icosahedron). With a barrette on back, it's a hair ornament.
Below, a beehive-themed truncated octahedron purse: 
Use fabric - or more unconventional materials, like candy wrappers, coffee bags, frozen food bags, denim jeans, etc.. Here's a small bowl made from navel orange packaging. Inside:
And the outside/bottom:
The 71-page book includes detailed instructions for English Paper Piecing, and for 7 full or partial polyhedra: dodecahedron and stellated dodecahedron; truncated octahedron; truncated cuboctahedron; icosahedron; and truncated icosahedron. 

In all, there are 17+ projects in this book that friends and family will enjoy using and displaying. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be inspired you to come up with your own variations.

If you like to work from a printed book, I suggest you order the paperback from Amazon.  You will have to photocopy the pattern pages to make the templates for each project.

If you prefer to work from a PDF, purchase the book for instant download from my from Etsy shop. 

I know you will have a blast! I welcome your questions and  comments. Email me at