Friday, December 14, 2012

Quiltlet #6: Burlap & Old Lace

What do a burlap bag, old lace, beige silk dupioni, blue denim, an unevenly stained old metal shank button, old loopy navy trim, and new off-white embroidery floss have in common?

Not much, but they all made it into this quiltlet.
The denim is the background, the navy trim is around the edges, the upcycled burlap bag is stitched to the front, and the lace is appliqued on top by machine, with invisible nylon thread in a zig zag along the edges. A dupioni silk button  loop is on the upper left, and the metal shank button is on the upper right.

 It has a cousin:
The vintage blue-and-white lace along the bottom edge, and the crocheted white trim on top, are from someone else's scrap bag. There's a dupioni covered button, plus a dupioni loop. The burlap is cut to incorporate its fringed selvage. The base, again, is denim

What strange bedfellows have you brought together lately?

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