Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Quiltlets #8: Throwing Down the (Quilted) Gauntlet

And speaking of aprons, here's a recent experiment:
This apron-shaped quiltlet is 11" across at its widest and 5" high. It has a dozen free-hanging banners (also called bunting), each about 2" from top to bottom. The pink tie is 23" long (28" would have been better). The bunting fabrics are from Jane Sassaman, Kaffe Fassett, Amy Butler, a Swiss dressmaker, nobody famous, and more.

It makes an unusual wall hanging, which invites closer inspection...
You can see that the background is quilted. 

It also excellent 18" doll apron...
(It complements American Girl Josefina's cheerleading outfit perfectly)
It's a bracelet for the brave.... 
... reminiscent of a medieval gauntlet... 
If you should ever need to throw down a gauntlet, shouldn't it be quilted?
Oops, the rear flank is exposed. Watch that during jousts. It may need a tiny snap in the the two corners.

You can tie it around wine bottles, too. (There are many people who dress alcohol vessels, but I don't drink enough alcohol to understand why. Here's an awesome yarn-bombed wine bottle made for a friend by her aunt:
Note the elaborate cabling, the yo-yos along the bottom, and, for a subliminally suggestive touch, an unevenly hanging pair of large metal jingle bells. Plus, it's high-quality yarn. In short, that bottle is better dressed than I am.

We digress. I just pulled out the leftover Passover wine bottle, and tied my apron on:
Don't try this at home. Cutting mats and Manischewitz don't mix.

There are also people who dress their dishwashing soap bottles in aprons. Yes, really.

Throwing down the proverbial gauntlet: Can you come up with any more uses for a miniature quilted banner apron?

(Note: Earlier post on a quilt made up of many aprons is here.)
[Update 1/21/13: A later post that, toward the end, explains how I make the bunting, is here: .]


  1. It would make a very chic cape for a chihuahua, non?

  2. If it's for a chihuahua, you should be saying the Spanish "no" (followed by upside down question mark). For a papillon, non is correct.
    Thanks, Kay!

  3. Me thinks it would make a great hat with the wide side up. I have seen hats something like that before and I can't think what they are for. Anyway, it is truly the cutest thing! Love your blog!!!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Annie. I'm trying to curl it as you've suggested....OK, I've shaped it into a circle and am holding it upside down...hmmm, it looks like a nice vase now; I could tie it and place it over a votive...Or, as y ou suggested, pin it to my head!? Now that takes courage! Thanks for stopping by!

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  5. Your little apron is very cute! It could become a small lampshade--indeed, if you had several, you could cover the bulbs of a fancy-schmancy chandelier, ja?
    --Toni in MKE

  6. Very original idea, Antonija! A lampshade and/or chandelier bulb cover is BRILLIANT! Ja! Thanks for the great idea!


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