Sunday, October 6, 2013

One More Improvisational Quilted and Crocheted Basket

A couple of weeks ago, I explained a quilted basket with a crocheted lid (here).  This past week, I finished  a second in this amusing obsession series. 
It started as a batiky landscape, made in an improvisational manner that could be described as Scribbly Rectangular Psychotherapy. This detail shows how incredibly relaxing this can be: 
When everything is an accident, there are no mistakes! (That's deep. I have to think about that.)

At the time I made it, I put a a tiny loop at the back-top-center, suitable for hanging as is. Three buttons and buttonholes on opposite edges make it work as a cuff:

With a jar inside, it can hold treasures or a votive....

More is better! So last week, I crocheted a lid:
That's an inexpensive touristy shell necklace around the edge, still on its original string (but shortened).

The middle button down the side is a shank button with another shell glued on.

The battered (so to speak) fish comes from a deeply cool vintage necklace (The hole in his rear fin has long since broken through).

To make the lid, I started by crocheting a circle of 1" mottled pink batik fabric strips, then switched to the lavender yarn.

The fish is hot-glued to a clear glass button. Now I think it's a holder for my finest shells! 

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