Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ode to Caffeine, in Trivets & Mug Rugs

The coffee piece I showed last week started out to be a small wallhanging/potholder/trivety thing, but it grew. So after finishing it, with caffeinated adrenaline still surging in my veins, I made the three things below.

They are significantly smaller versions of last week's quilt, made with the excuse that I could put them  the holiday boutique at my local art gallery. 

These might serve 'mug rugs'. What's a mug rug, you might ask? I'd kinda heard of it, and assumed it was a glorified coaster, but when I asked on one of my chat groups, quilting cyberfriends informed me that it's a bit more than a coaster - kind of like a mini-placemat - a place to put a mug of something hot, plus a nosh. It doesn't have to be as thick as a potholder.  So, I made these with only one layer of batting. 

First, we have The Kosmic Coffee Lounge
("Kosmic Coffee Lounge" is the wording that came with the black-and-white novelty fabric cup on the lower right.)

Next, Queens of Addiction:
(You-know-what, plus, in the lower right hand corner, chocolates): 

And finally, World Smile
These are quick, fun and easy to make with novelty fabrics, paper-backed fusible web, and invisible thread  If you'd rather buy one than make it, and happen to be near Pasadena, California before Christmas, stop by our wonderful local nonprofit art gallery, SPACE, and check out their holiday boutique, with these plus art of all descriptions for sale!

If you want to see more coffee creations, click "coffee" in the word cloud on the right of this posting. 

UPDATE: Here's a wonderful coffee infographic!

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