Friday, February 28, 2014

Luckiest Mom, Creative Blocks, Edible Art, etc.

I am the luckiest mother in the world.

My daughter drew me this. It's in the style of The Quiltmakers Gift, a lovely childrens' book illustrated by Gail De Marcken. It blew me away. My daughter has worked very hard to improve her drawing skills, and now she's amazing! 

Meanwhile, my son walked into a bead store. That sounds like a joke, but he really did, and that's not his natural habitat. And he bought and shipped me a vial of delicious (mostly) green beads. I don't even want to open it. I'm going to wear the container around my neck, like the crazy, grateful, lucky mother that I am.


A friend just sent me a link to a sampling of different artists' perspectives on overcoming creative blocks, from the  'Brain Pickings' newsletter/website. I found the ideas fascinating!

They also show a sample of each advising artists' work, which is wonderful. 



Some friends and I  are planning to enter this unique art challenge:

It raises money for British Museums!!! I'm all in favor of British museums, though I rarely attend one! (Once, in 1999, to be specific). What's not to love?



Simple yet brilliant multi-use knitted cowl


  1. Hi Cathy. What wonderful gifts! Your daughter is a really good illustrator, and she has definitely caught your "quilterness" and your son somehow knew a beadaholic would like a vial of individually selected beads rather than a tube of all the same thing. Happy Birthday!

  2. What amazing kids! I'm lucky if I get a card. That edible challenge sounds perfect for you. Hope you share.

    1. I don't luck out this much every year. I'm definitely counting my blessings. Thanks, Cheryl!

  3. Your daughter is very talented and your son is so thoughtful. You are a lucky mom to have children who obviously love you very much. What precious birthday gifts.

  4. Thank you, Carol. I do know how incredibly lucky I am!