Monday, July 21, 2014

No Pressure! Just Potholders! Or, Coffee Madness, Continued

When I find creativity blocked by the need to impress myself (or, worse, others!), the go-to game is potholder. Just make a flippin' potholder! It doesn't have to be great Art! In fact, forget the A word!  I imagine it with burned corners and embedded egg whites, and that soooo takes the pressure off. NOW we can play!

Motivation increases if I need gifts. No agony over gifting old friends with the masterpiece they deserve. Everyone needs another potholder!

So last week,  I made a slew for our upcoming travels.

I started with this amazing  fabric.

I'd been eyeing it at my LQS for months, so imagine my joy when I found it on the 40% off shelf. Why is this magnificent fabric on sale? Doesn't every caffeine-blooded American quilter need some? (Also on the sale shelf: Same fabric with the values reversed, with the figures in white).

I surrounded a square of that fabric with a red coffee cup fabric,
but the results were sort of plain. Time to drag out the fusible-backed scrap bin!
This is the purgatory to which all my leftover fusible-backed fabrics - especially small novelty items - go. Once I pull everything out, it is very difficult to push it all back in again.

I did some free associating, finding ready-to-fuse objects to place on my potholder base.

For this first potholder, I created a fully bodied, sensuous appreciation of my favorite drink by adding coffee-appreciating body parts: Lips on the upper left corner,
... a hand making a victory sign on the lower left...
 .....and a guy with caffeine-induced delusions of superpowers on the lower right. 
 (Yes you've seen this strongman edited onto on a coffee cup before, here.) The cup also has clouds of decorative steam.

For the next one, the steam cloud is multicolored:
and there's a collaged redundant fantasy label on the lower right. 
The whole thing:

 For the third, I added an Earth-like marble on the upper left, a rocket ship on the lower left... a
and a small color cloud on the lower right corner. 
The backs are mug fabric that's been in my stash for decades. 
 To  see more coffee creations, click "coffee" in the word cloud on the right of this post. And remember: If you're feeling intimidated by the need to make a masterpiece, go for a  potholder instead. (You never know: Your friends might frame it.)


  1. Is there a heat resistant material inside?

  2. No, Marge, I just put a double layer of cotton batting inside. One of these days I'm going to order Insul-brite to use instead - I have used it before when someone gave me some, but can't find it locally.

  3. Me too, me too. I am forever making potholders to get myself going. Then I give them all away. I used to use leftover jeans as an inside, but now I use insul-brite.

    1. Jeans is a good idea, but Insul-brite is probably better! I'm glad there are others who love this sport!


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