Sunday, March 8, 2015

14 More Awkward Reality-Based Freemotion Quilting Designs

Inspired by the awesome Leah Day, I started practicing freemotion designs. Before long, I found myself making up my own. Two weeks ago, I produced 29 plus, each more awkward than the one before! It's hard to stop! The worse you draw, the more you laugh!

Plus, connecting motifs is excellent brain training if you ever get serious. Here's something I couldn't do before studying Leah's technique - the background quilting on this little scrap quilt (which I showed a few weeks ago. Since then, I added a moon and a lot of McTavishing).
McTavishing is the multidirectional quilting on the blue area. This may look messy, but it is pretty impressive, for me. Here are Leah's McTavishing instructions - thanks to Karen McTavish, too.
This week, over a dozen new freemotion designs emerged.It's no longer safe for me to drive with a pad of paper in my purse.  I am hooked, like a texting teen. Without further ado: 

My Son is in New England:
Llamas are on the Lam: 
Pi Day is Imminent (March 14), and It's a Really Big Deal This Year 
Read the third paragraph here to learn why.)

If You Touch My Fabric Scissors, You Will Be Struck Down By Lightning:

And Don't Use My Quilt for a Picnic:

I Signed Up for a Ballroom Dancing Class...
...But After One Lesson, I Never Went Back.

I Can't Believe I Ate Three Hamantaschen
Could Have Had a Banana:

I Say Sweet Potatoes, You Say....

 Friends Don't let Friends Use KCups:
 (Kcups also work nicely in quilt borders, and they double as vertebrae):
(Even the guy who invented Kcups regrets it.)

Continuing to honor the world of Leonard Nimoy, we have here Late-Era Klingon Foreheads:

The Starship Enterprise in an Alternate Universe Populated by Infinite Numbers of Them?...
...Sure, and it's also Time for Your Mammogram. 

Cmon, you can play along! Send me your designs as low-res jpgs, and I'll post the ones that are not in insanely poor taste! Last week's designs are here.


  1. You, your sense of humor, and your fabulous creativity are a highlight of every weekend! Thank you.

    1. Thank you, Bencody Farm, I appreciate the comment!

  2. Enterprise? I thought those were Moon Pies!
    I could not stop laughing over the scissors (& the hamantaschen-eating snake).

    1. Moon Pies!!! Why didn't I think of that??? That too!!! Thank you!!!

  3. If only we could get your winning captions on the quilt too. Amazing and hysterical.

    1. Hmm, that could be done, Margaret. My handwriting is as bad as my drawing. Thank you!

  4. The last design made me think of hot dogs, then all kinds of food started popping into my head. Be careful how far down the body-part path you go - I've posted designs that looked more like a uterus than a tulip and it NEVER slips by the nurse quilters. Gotta love em'!

    1. I hear you Leah - I made a Dr. Spock vs. Mr. Spock design involving stethescopes and Starfleet insignia, but my husband thought it looked just like uteruses and fallopian tubes. Too bad! I can see how easy it would be for you to run up against that quite frequently!!!

  5. Hilarious and entertaining as always! Thanks Cathy!

    1. Thank you, Ruth, glad you had fun with it!

  6. Cathy,as usual you are so, so funny. You always make my day.

  7. And you make mine, Maggie! Thank you!