Sunday, April 28, 2019

I Decorated my City's Quilt Shop, with City Quilts

I decorated my local quilt shop! We have a new/old quilt store in Pasadena, CA, thank heavens, after a seemingly infinite interval when there was none.

Quilt'n'Things Fiber Arts, which used to be in Glendale, was sold and moved to Pasadena, on upper Lincoln Ave. The fabric and yarn collection is primo. Lana Norton, the new owner, has a fabulous eye, although I'm biased because she asked me to teach a class there. Also, because two of my skyline quilts are hanging there (they won't be there much longer, since the class is over).
Hi, Lana! The quilt above her head is my Los Angeles quilt, which she challenged me to create: 
Plus I had a hand in the following: Four pillows that I did NOT instigate, imagine, or design, but I did sew up for display. 
They're made from ultra-smooth, ultra-wide, ultra-luscious Kaffe Fassett fabrics...
If you're in Pasadena, do not miss this shop! If your mother or father is a stitcher, this is the place for Mother's Day or Father's Day gifts. They also sell Eversewn Sewing machines, which are getting rave reviews from people I trust for quality at a reasonable price. 

And if you're nowhere near Southern California, you can sample the store's merchandise at their Etsy site, here. 


  1. Fabulous! So glad you have a kindred spirit shop near you now!!


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