Thursday, July 2, 2020

Masked Hexagons, Part II: A English Paper Piecing Variation


I'm going nuts making masks! 
These are a few of my new masked hexagons, made from the scraps of face masks I've been sewing since March. In my last installment, here, I described how I made these hexies, using conventional English Paper Piecing techniques. At the time, I had only made about 35 hexagons. 

Since then, I've made many more masks to donate. So here's the finished quilt, with a total of 79 masked hexagons, all socially distanced. 

UPDATE: The digital pattern for this quilt is now for sale on Etsy, here. All money raised from this $1.99 pattern will go to my Los Angeles Regional Foodbank fundraiser, here

Here are some of my new favorite masked hexagons. The "faces" are cut from assorted solids; and the "mask" prints are from my vast stash of mostly novelty fabrics that I used in actual masks. Here's a bit of casino fabric that a friend gifted me.
The (mostly) round button eyes give them a startled look, appropriate for a pandemic. (Pandemic Pat?)

While making masks, I discovered that I own TWO radish fabrics. 

And numerous cat fabrics. This cat looks bored. 
Mighty Mouse intends to triumph over covid. The patriotic buttons almost look like eyes with red-and-white eyeshadow.

The red vintage paisley below is only nice in small doses.
Yes, that's matzoh fabric. 
Rainbow triangles go with everything.

A dandelion print reminds me that things more benign than viruses can blow in the wind.  
This awesome fabric features quilters' rulers:
Harry Potter is recognized universally as a symbol of meeting catastrophe with a great deal of anxiety (but triumphing anyway).
A truly horrible brown rose print made a remarkably nice mask for a hexagon. 

Bars - horizontal, or on an angle - keep the hexagons socially distanced. 
This next fabric -  the star - was from a print featuring Spongebob.  
A 1970's era flannel. So soft  and comfy. 
For quilting, I surrounded the masks with quilted covid viruses, and hypothetical pathogen-laden swirls

On the white area, I made more emanations
Again, the digital pattern for this quilt is now for sale on Etsy, here.
For a much simpler version of this quilt on a smaller scale, check out my previous post, here

Of course, I have hexagons and English Paper Piecing on my mind because my new book was just published by Landauer, Hexagon Star Quilts: 113 English Paper Pieced Star Patterns to Piece and Applique, available from Amazon (here) and wherever fine quilting books are sold! 
My mask-making resource page is HERE. Find my simple pleated mask pattern HERE. My roomy mask pattern is HERE


  1. Love this quilt, and thank you for sharing your expertise ( and fabric!) in the mask making enterprise. We may be physically distant, but your generosity of spirit emanates far and wide!And glad you could use that casino fabric; life's a gamble...

    1. Thank you, Jeri, for your wonderful casino fabric, and your moral support! Casino's are so perfect for Covid....

  2. You must have the most amazing stash ever! I love the quilt!

    1. Thanks, glad you like it, Rena, and yes my 30-year stash is amazing, not always in a good way - this is but a fraction of the quilts in it! But making masks (and this quilt) has created a few air pockets!


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