Monday, October 31, 2022

Another Day, Another Encyclopedic Baby Quilt!

 My peers' kids are having babies like mad! It's the best kind of epidemic! Here's the quilt I made for  friends' newest granddaughter, sweet Olive.

I call these my "Everything in the World" baby quilts. Child development experts encourage parents to talk to their babies - constantly. But after a while, with my own babies, I certainly ran out of subjects to discuss. How many times can you praise their dimples, burps, and poops? This quilt gives the parent conversation-prompts - specifically, 128 of them, cut into 4" squares, plus 17 colors of sashing.

I organize the squares thematically into 9-patches. Science-themed fabric went into this one: 

It's never too early to pressure your children into a career in the sciences! Here's one of the "interesting people/entities"-themed 9-patch. Yes, that's RGB in the middle.
Here's the OTHER "interesting entitites" 9-patch, featuring Pikachu in the middle, the original Star Trek cast to his right, etc.

Here's the music-themed 9-patch, featuring Elvis (upper right), Freddie Mercury (far right middle),  Mozart, and musical instruments Clearly fabric manufacturers need to make more fabric with female musicians.

Here are the dogs: 

Chased by the inevitable cats.

Want to see more "Everything in the World" baby quilts? Each is organized a little differently. Click on "Baby Quilts" in the word cloud on the right! 


  1. You have an amazing novelty fabric stash!


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