Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Vacuuming with Elvis

I love fabric with "stuff" on it - fauna, flora, money, manatees, cupcakes, cocktails, archery equipment, the kitchen sink, really - nouns of all descriptions. To me, these "conversational" fabrics (also called novelty fabrics) are like an artists' paints; the more I collect, the more my quilts can say.

This quilt was made for a friend who collects Middle Eastern carpets. She has a beautiful assortment on the walls as well as the floors. And she takes very good care of them (Shoes off in the house is rule #1!) 

I came across the brown/red/gold carpet fabric that's used below, left, and knew I had to make her something from it. 

As a tribute to her diligent carpet maintenance, I added a vacuuming lady. I hand-quilted the on-point squares behind her, as if she is vacuuming the pattern onto her carpeting. 

I liked that, but realized it needed a bit more.

So I dug out my Elvis fabric, and cut an Elvis head from it.  From the same fabric as the vacuuming lady, I cut out an old-fashioned radio.   

(Here's an overview of this wonderful vintagy fabric:)

With the additions, it looks like this:

Elvis croons as she works herself into a meditative trance (and a corner). Wow, vacuuming can be a lot like machine quilting! It almost makes me want to start vacuuming my house.


Have you ever vacuumed 'quilting lines' into your rugs?

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