Thursday, November 15, 2012

Eye Candy from Houston

The annual International Quilt Association show, affectionately known as "Houston," is one of the most important shows in the world. The 2012 show just ended, leaving behind a trail of phenomenal quilts on the blogs of amazed attendees everywhere. Here's the top prizewinner, called 'America, Let it Shine,' by Sherry Reynolds of Laramie, Wyoming.   

This trifle is embellished 5,121 Swarovski crystals. which Sherrie says, totals the age of the US  (235), plus the number of words in the Constitution (4,543), the Pledge of Allegiance (31) and the Star-Spangled Banner (312).

Ogle all the mind-boggling award winners on the official show site, or, for a more relaxing and diverse experience, watch this slideshow of favorites, from quilter Sheila Frampton (herself an off-scale art quilter). 

Sheila's Part 2 is here(I like Sheila's technology, because you can speed or slow the pace with the arrows, and stop the show at any point by clicking on each slide.) 

MORE Houston eye candy, not in slideshow form, is on Susan Brubaker Knapp's website:

Staggering quilts! Enjoy!

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