Sunday, May 25, 2014

Denim Rings: Upcycling Tiny Bits of Jeans

If you're a reader of this blog, you've seen my upcycled denim bracelets,
...Not to mention denim quilts, vases and mystery objects. (Click 'denim' in the word cloud on the lower right of this page for more).  Here's one of the tinier things you can make from denim: Rings! Front:
They're so easy! Cut out a denim seam. Measure and fit to your fingers. Slather the cut ends as well as the edges with 'Fray Check' or some other fray-stopping substance (thinned glue works too).

Add embellishments to the middle. The question mark ring is simply stitched on - the question mark is a bead, and there's a button behind it. For the zipper pull ring, I stitched on a button and then glued the zipper pull in the center.

Once the fray-stopper is dry, butt and stitch the ends together with straight stitches. Voila, you are ready to take on any cocktail party with your new rings!


  1. Awesome! You are so creative. I know my teenage and tween grandaughters would love denim jewelry.

    1. Thanks, Mary! If you give it a shot, take pictures!
      When can I order your new book?

  2. Hey, sweetie! Do you ever wear dungarees as pants? I think you are going way overboard! But terribly creative, as usual. Have lots of fun with this!


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