Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Quilting Life is a Healthy Life, With Footnotes

Being a, um, mature quilter might mean your most innovative work is ahead of you!
Check out:

What's more, crafting is good for you, and this has got to include quilting:

It's all good! News item of the future: Quilting will be proven to be better for you than going to the gym! (If it can happen to wine, it can happen to quilting: Check out:

This is especialy true if you keep your sewing machine in the basement and your ironing board in the attic. After just a few log cabin blocks, you'll be cardiovascularly and intellectually enhanced, exhausted, and certainly deserve a nice glass of wine!


  1. You never fail to entertain, Cathy!

  2. Made me laugh! I have my sewing machine in the loft of our mountain house, and the iron is down two flights of stairs in the laundry room.



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