Sunday, December 7, 2014

Holiday Giftmaking by the Creatively Blocked

I'm insanely creatively blocked. What to do? Make potholders. So over Thanksgiving, I stitched up these fruit-and-veggie potholders, accented with un frisson de junk food:
 The first one is all healthy (except the back, as you'll see):
Number two sticks its toe in the waters of non-produce with a grilled cheese sandwich top row, and some pretzels, 2nd row. (The less-healthy food fabrics were purchased for use in a commissioned wedding canopy/chuppah - really!)
And finally, we get wild with a Hostess cupcake in the center and some fortune cookies,
They are intended to be used,  so they have two layers inside: One of Insul-Bright, against the bottom, and one of Warm'n'Natural, right behind the top.
I like to use buttons to hold on the loops in the corners. 
This is is a piece of vintage twill tape.
And for the back, I went calorie-crazy:
The fruit and vegetable fabrics in these projects mostly come from Fabri-Quilt's Farmer John's line. To see more projects from this fabric go to  A free pattern I designed for a different potholder is on the Fabri-quilt website, at

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