Sunday, August 14, 2016

Curvalicious for a Grownup Bed Quilt

My friend T. is an avid quilter with shoulder pain. She wanted to make some gift and personal quilts, but her upper body isn't cooperating at the moment. So she commissioned me.

For her twin bed quilt, she sent me yards of this beautiful turquoise batik fabric with gold Judaic designs printed on it:
..along with this starry white-on white fabric (it looks grey in the photo, but it's pure white). 
...And she specified that I should make stripes using Cheryl Lynch's "Curvalicious" ruler. I wrote a blog post about Curvalicious two years ago, when Cheryl gifted me with one. Its deceptively simple design is modern, retro, and stylish, all at the same time. 
At the time, I used it to make an understated, fast, modern infant-intelligence-enhancing baby quilt.
So, for T's quilt, I ironed paper-backed fusible web to the back of the turquoise fabric. Next, I traced the ruler on the back - the wavy lines as well as the circles. I then cut  along the wavy lines with my rotary cutter...
...and, for the circle, used an x-acto knife to start the cut. Once the x-acto had made a cut wide enough for a sharp scissors blade, I inserted  the scissors to cut the rest of the way around.
Once I had a  bunch of stripes and polka dots, I flung them around on white fabric and sent T. snapshots of a multitude of choices...boy, was that fun!

I got a little giddy...
Alas, T. wanted something less chaotic, with no more than two curvy stripes. She didn't even want the blue polka dots!

So I created a background - a wide turquoise piece with a narrower white piece - then fused and appliquéd the stripes onto the white background. Added batting and backing, and quilted it heavily. Bound it and done!
To stitch down the stripes, I used a machine zig-zag. 
I did random stippling on the turquoise expanse, and combined circles with stippling on the white area surrounding the stripes.

Please disregard the fact that some of my circles aren't very circular! For the back, T.  sent me yards of this chicken soup fabric: 
It made up the entire back. How I wish this chicken soup fabric wasn't out of print! I had bought a yard of it four years ago, and used it up for gifts! (Like this one.)

I packed the quilt up and shipped it to T. Fortunately, she loved the results of our joint venture!  I also sent her all the extra fusible-backed Curvalicious stripes and dots that I had cut out - hopefully, when her shoulders improve, she can easily fuse them down to make some particularly easy applique quilts.

The Curvalicious ruler is addictive and surprising - it can give an otherwise-basic quilt an unexpectedly sophisticated look. Cheryl uses it with dupioni silk to make elegant creations - see more possibilities at No financial affiliation! I'd love to see what you've made with it!


  1. This looks terrific! Well done, Cathy!

  2. Great to see how your work progresses. The fabric is very nice and especially the turquoise.
    I agree with T, I love the result. Something I learned with the years to appreciate is when every detail is perfect and you do do just that, Cathy!

    1. Maria, shucks, not every detail is perfect, but thank you so much for your nice comment!


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