Monday, December 24, 2018

Still Time to Make a Scrappy Ornament!?

I realize it's Christmas Eve, but if all your other preparations are done, there's still time to make this scrappy triangular bipyramid scrap ornament! It's a very relaxing and therapeutic project (except the deadline!)
It started with a thick piece of scrap fabric strips - jewel tone batiks - stitched to black felt. If you have extra time, go wild with the freemotion quilting, decorative stitches, and couched yarns. Front:

The messy back - don't worry about it:
Detailed directions for getting this far are in this blog post from 2013. Cut that base into 6 equilateral triangle. Satin stitch all the edges with variegated thread. Then sew those triangles into pairs, creating three diamonds. You can do all this by machine.
Next, you have to start hand sewing. Whipstitch the diamonds together along their edges, leaving a hole, and stuff. Since this won't be a toy for a baby (or pet), I used fabric scraps. (For a toy, I'd use clean poly stuffing.)
Option: Decorate with beads, buttons, or here, a lace and button gathered flower. The danglies were an experiment in button and wire crochet.
This polyhedron was inspired by the projects in my book "Stitch-a-hedron: English Paper Pieced Polyhedron Gifts and Accessories to Sew," here. But it uses a different procedure - not English Paper Piecing - because in this case, the scrap base already had a sturdy backing. The book's directions are aimed at starting with fabrics that don't have any backing! More info on the book is here.


  1. Hello Cathy, I made an ornament and posted it on Instagram (aneliesepe), I named your blog, so that someone interested could see from where I got the inspiration. I love all things small. Happy new year to you.

  2. Anneleise, your ornament is adorable, thanks for sharing the photo! You might take the hashtag symbol away from where your post says (otherwise it links to nowhere!.

    1. I did it. Thank you so much. I love to follow you on Instagram, so inspiring.


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