Friday, October 30, 2020

Pandemic Porch Quilt Show, Days #22-24, New York, Los Angeles and Fantasy Land

Day #22. "NYC, Room 2913". Some buildings in this large quilt are based on real Manhattan buildings; some are pure fantasy. It's from my series of modern, improv cityscapes. 

The fun part of cityscape quilts is brainstorming techniques that convey the essence of a building. The purple structure below is foundation paper pieced, to represent the extraordinary Hearst Tower in NYC. (To see what it looks like in real life - it's not purple - go to Wikipedia, here.)

Day #23, I Love Los Angeles
While hanging this quilt on the porch, our new (indoor) kitty Cleo escaped her enclosure, and came darting out from under the quilt - My DH is laughing in relief that we caught her!
It has some of my favorite LA places and things. Here's a better photo, without the distracting cuties or sunspots. 

The giant teal striped building on the center-right is the Eastern Building (if you ever watch Lucifer on Netflix, you've seen lots of  scantily-clad gorgeous actors cavorting around its rooftop pool. If you were able to tear your eyes away from the beautiful bodies, over to the beautiful building, you saw why it's an art deco masterpiece). In the lower center, the green shapes are Disney Hall.
I later made a second Los Angeles quilt with many of the same structures, and some new ones. I gifted this second one to a friend, so I can't put it out on my porch, but here's a photo. 
My favorite building on this quilt is the arched 1960s Los Angeles airport 'Theme Building,' top center, which looks like something from the Jetsons! In this version, I made Disney Hall in shades of blue (on the lower right.)   

Day #24: Scrap City
Arguably even more fun than making a reality-based cityscape, is using the leftovers to make fantasy land! This smallish quilt is called "Scrap City." 
I hand embroidered stars (or possibly alien fighter vehicles) in the sky. 

More photos of this and other city quilts, and my methods, are in my cityscape booklet, here. in my etsy shop, CathyPStudio. 

More porch quilts are coming! 

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