Sunday, May 30, 2021

Capitol Crochet, Part 1: A Happy Inauguration

Inspired by the Bernie Sanders memes after the January presidential inauguration, I decided to crochet my own version. I didn't use a pattern - I just made him up as I went along, crocheting in spirals. He had a brief fling with the cat.

That was so much fun, I wound up making five of them, as gifts, plus one auctioned on ebay to benefit a food bank. Their clothing comes off, including, in most cases, the mittens.

The fifth one was my special edition Valentine's Day Bernie, showing off his chest like Putin (but with a tattoo, and no horse): 

One thing led to the other. Before I knew it, I'd crocheted a whole lot of inaugural figures:

And a Capitol building:

On the dome is my rendition of the statue of freedom, with scissors and earring serving as sword and shield, in a color that honors the people who built the building, who were anything but free. 

Here are Joe and Jill Biden, with bible, standing ready for the swear-in. 
In real life, Dr. Biden's beaded dress was exquisite. In my version, cheapo plastic pearls did the job.
All the clothes comes off. 
But because she is the First Lady, and holds a doctorate, I won't strip her down here.
In real life, Dr. Biden was actually wearing a  more somber shade of blue.
The Obamas are eternally adorable, even in masks.
Next, Kamala Harris, with her escort at the event, American hero and snappy dresser Officer Eugene Goodman
Kamala reenacts her big moment: 
I think that's a purple jumpsuit underneath. 
I don't know if she was really wearing Chucks on her feet, but I hope so! They go with the pearls.

The gorgeous Amanda Gorman is wearing my mother's earrings.
Lady Gaga sported a massively oversized bird pin (also from my mother's collection).
This thing takes up an entire small tabletop, and I'm not really sure what to do with it. Especially because it was about to grow significantly - and take a much darker turn. 


  1. Is there no end to your talent? I love all of the interpretations of outfits, colors and accessories.


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