Monday, August 20, 2012

A Slew of Selvages

People make a lot of things out of selvages, which are the printed edges of fabric; here's my new #1 favorite selvage project:  A cape,, made by quilter Ann Ruthsdottir. She calls it a "sun cape", I assume because she wouldn't want to wear it in the rain! So imaginative!

Other interesting selvage projects found around the web include:

Have you worked with selvages? I've used them to crochet with, but haven't made any multi-selvage piecing projects yet.

One of the things that makes the above and other selvage projects wonderful - something I haven't been doing in the past, but will in the future - is that the makers cut off a quarter to a half an inch of the actual fabric design, along with the narrow printed white part. That additional sliver of color and design makes these projects infinitely more interesting. They're not only more colorful, but that sliver brings the viewer in close, to read the title of the fabric, the designer, and/or the year, and see what the fabric actually looked like. That's pretty close to an ecstatic experience for fabric-a-holics like myself. 


  1. I will enjoy reading your blog. I have made a couple tote bags out of selvages and some pin cushions. I was at a quilt show and there were some things in the show made out of selvages so that is what got me started.

  2. Mary Ann, thanks for your comment. Pin cushions sound like a really good way to put a toe in the water of selvages!

  3. I've admired Ann's sun cape, too and have seen some amazing quilts made from selvages. Alas, the only thing I ever used mine for was trying up quilts and tomato plants. What a waste!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment.

  4. I do save selvedges for a friend. That's as close as I get!


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