Saturday, August 4, 2012

Even in a digital age, handmade heals better

There was a deeply moving article in the L.A. Times on Friday, August 3, about the handmade signs that have sprung up next to the Aurora, Colorado theater that was the site of the horrific mass shooting. Reporter Alexandra Zavas writes,
"In this age of tweets and status updates, the words are part of an outpouring of emotion that has found expression through surprisingly traditional ways - in pen, pencil, paint and chalk." 
Quilts, signature quilts, healing quilts, and memorial quilts (like the AIDS Memorial Quilt) are powerful in the same way.


  1. Your blog posts are so darn interesting! You make quilting, especially judaic quilting, come alive, with references to all the world around you. Thank you for your fascinating posts!

  2. Congratulations on your maiden voyage. I love your posts, especially how they are infused with your humor. Welcome to the blog world. Now I'm going to put gegiltequilts in my blog world. ;)