Sunday, November 24, 2013

Antioxidants and More Fresh Kitchen Art

With the holidays looming I'm in full friend-gift production mode. Fortunately, I have lots of delicious leftovers from my recent Fabri-Quilt project. So I'm making holiday wall hangings/potholders.

The first series I call the Antioxidant Line. As we all know, the antioxidants in fruits and vegetables are good for us, for various scientific reasons. So here's the front:
 Another one:
A third: 
The words are free-motion quilted in. 

Did you know that chocolate is also rich in antioxidants! Or so the Internets allege, and they are always right. So here's what the backs of the three above look like: 
I know, bon-bons are probably not the healthiest form of chocolate, but I have yet to locate 93% cacao chocolate-bar fabric. (Are you listening, fabric companies?)

 This next one is titled (and inscribed) 'Eat some plants.'
 But the back trends carnivorous.
Chicken soup fabric discussed earlier, here
And finally, for modern quilt fans, we have the Grey Line. Grey chevrons:
Plus the grey triangle wallhanging at the top of this post. The back of that one isn't grey:
It's Kaffe Fassett chard. No one does leafy vegetables like Kaffe Fassett did in this gorgeous, out-of-print fabric. Alas, I put the backing on upside-down - note the loop is now on the lower left - so if you hang it with the back showing, the chard stands on its head. Hmmm. Perhaps chard stays fresher longer stored that way (I'm starting the rumor, anyway).

Want a tutorial? Most of these project are extrapolations from my free asterisk potholder pattern, available here, and my quilt pattern on the same page.

I hope this will give you ideas that you can execute with time to spare for Christmas! (And maybe by the first night of Chanukah, which starts next Wednesday, oy!)


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