Sunday, November 17, 2013

Thanksgivvukah II: More Poultry, and Other Holiday Fauna

The whole Thankgivvukah thing - the upcoming coincidence of the second night of Chanukah with Thanksgiving on November 28 - got me crocheting like mad, which is a mixed blessing. On the good side, I've made quite a few turkey menorahs. Here's one that wasn't in the last post. It flew off to Boston last week.
But it occurred to me that, if the world doesn't end this Thanksgivvukah, no one will need my free turkey menorah pattern for another 77,000 years, when the next coincidence of dates occurs. So I tweaked my pattern a bit to make a peacock. It worked out pretty well!

My dear stitching friend Rivi let me know that she used my directions to make this little guy:
What a difference fuzzy black yarn makes for his hat! It turns it into shtreimel,  Rivi also hung a little dreidel charm around his neck, and used variegated yarn for the candles. Thanks, Rivi, for winging it! (Ha!)

Another reason for my crochet jag was that I wanted to put some items in my community gallery's holiday boutique, which opened last night. (If you're in the L.A. area, check out the SPACE in South Pasadena - lots of great presents in different media.) I can't crochet my way to minimum wage this way, but it's a lot of fun to participate. I made a couple of unicorns,

I set a challenge for myself to start with the tip of the horn. It worked, though admittedly it's a pretty stubby horn.

I also made a lot of crocheted swimming pools/desktop relaxation visualization devices, most of which I'll show in another post.  Here's just one.
(The flotation device says "LIFE")

Now I need to stop with the crochet. It's so relaxing and addictive, but having woken up today with a completely numb right arm, I received the universe's message loud and clear: Get back to the quilting already!


  1. I love the pool! Especially since mine is closed, here in NY. Turkey's are great, but the pool gets my vote. Yes go back, your quilting is needed!


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